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Welcome, and thanks for visiting!

We are a print-on-demand resource of Christian songs for church musicians
and Christians who like to sing. Our songs are available for download as sheet music,
or as part of devotional studies. Because they are tied to Christ's teachings,
we hope they remind you of the leadings of God.

One copy of each song is free to download as a sample, or for home use--
and we invite you to download any that have value to you for faith.
Even so, these songs are fully copyrighted and you do need a license from us
to make additional copies. The modest license fees support this website ministry.

Yes, even churches must pay to reproduce copyrighted music. Beyond that, however,
your cooperation allows us to multiply blessing by donating funds to respected
world-relief organizations.

And isn't that the way of God's grace?


Copyright Details

Writing a song takes work. Although the initial idea feels like a gift from God,
it may take weeks or even years for a piece to reach final form.

Copyright laws recognize such (unpaid) efforts by giving creators of lyrics and music
the right to charge when people use their songs. It is stealing to not pay, and
penalties may reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At WordSown, we respect the value of creative work, register our songs with
the Copyright Office, and trust that you'll use your sample copies legally through
licensing from us. We are not covered by any broader licensing program.

When you download a song, its last pages will include licensing information.
If you later want to copy the song for your music group or congregation, you
can start our simple licensing process and begin making copies immediately.

Our basic license allows you to make a certain number of copies for singing
in a normal worship setting. If, however, your choir plans to use a song in a CD
or to perform in concert, another simple license or special permission is required.
It can be done quickly through email.

A last note: Our song/studies, photographs and web pages are also copyrighted.
Please use what we offer, just legally!



Our first songs at WordSown are the work of Constance Morgenstern.
She is a published poet and children's author, as well as a lifelong musician and
former church choir director.

Yet, this is not meant to be a limited site. The work of other composers is coming,
and we are open to writers we haven't met yet!

We are looking for songs with rich lyrics and specific, Scripture-based points.
(Consider our song/studies.) Concrete imagery and contemporary language
are pluses. Musical style can vary, as long as God's messages are served.

If you are interested in submitting, please email to ask for guidelines.


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