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We are a resource of Christian songs for church musicians and others who like to sing. Our songs generally have downloadable sheet music, as well as audio files for listening or singing along. You'll also find many coordinating Bible studies, which can be used by individuals or study groups.

Copyright Policy

If you are planning music for a church, do feel free to copy the texts and original music for our songs, and to perform, stream, and archive them for your services. As you would for traditionally published music, please include our text/tune credits and copyright notices. While we are offering our songs free for NONcommercial purposes, they are all fully registered with the US Copyright Office to protect against misuse.

If you want to use our materials in a commercial way (i.e. with an intent to make money), you would need to contact us for a license. Some examples might be:

—making a choir anthem out of one of our songs to publish for sale
—performing one of our songs for a CD or digital release
—selling our studies in print form

As with our songs, our studies may be freely copied for church use.
Our photographs and web pages, though, remain our own.



Our first songs at WordSown are the work of Constance Morgenstern.
She is a published poet and children's author, lifelong musician, and former church choir director.

We would be open to additional writers.  However, since we are now offering music free for noncommercial use, this would not generate income!

We would consider songs with rich lyrics and specific, Scripture-based points.
Concrete imagery and contemporary language would be pluses. Musical style could vary, as long as God's messages are served.

If you are interested in submitting, please email to ask for guidelines.



Contact info

NEW! If you would like to be notified of new music postings,
please send us a quick email to request it. We will not share or use your email address for anything else.



NEW! In this time of online church services, if you have a video containing one of our songs, we would like to see it! Send us a link!

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