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At Pentecost--a hymn for the festival of Pentecost.

Dear Lord, I Come Confessing
--a hymn against fear and hatred of groups.

--a solo related to The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant, or for anytime we need help forgiving.

How Simple is the Washing
--a hymn for baptism.

Let the Children Come to Me
--a solo about coming to Christ as children do.

Lord, Before that Quiet Meal
--a hymn or song for communion.

Lord God, in Charge of Time and Space--about care for Earth.

Lord God of All, Forgive Us--about welcome for migrants and refugees.

Lost Sheep
--a retelling of the story of the Lost Sheep, for children's choir. Our study for this is a Nativity story called The Lamb's Tale.

Morning Prayer
--about starting the day with God.

On the Way
for Easter Vigil-type services or Easter sunrise services--
a grieving reflection of Mary Magdalene on the way to Christ's tomb.

Out of the Box
--a piece expressing amazement at Christ.

--based on Christ's teaching: "You are the salt of the earth."

Song of John
--a song/testimony of John, especially concerning love, servanthood, and Christ's washing of the disciples' feet.

The Shepherds Recollect--a Nativity song from the shepherds' point of view.

We Call them "Goods." We Call them "Ours."
--a hymn about wealth and generosity.

Worry Song
--a look at worry, starting with Jesus' teaching about the lilies and the sparrows.

Presently, we have studies for these songs:
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