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Millions was the Debt....—including two parables about God's mercy and our being merciful.

A Summer Thanksgiving—about the summer bounty of gardens and what gardens can teach about God.

At Pentecost—about the arrival of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. For the study that goes with Version A of the hymn, click here. For the study that goes with our "Wider Church" version, click here.

Connected by Spirit—about the Church as the Body of Christ.

Dear Lord, I Come Confessing
—against fear and hatred of groups.

—about faith and science, especially regarding creation. (This is less of a Bible study than some.)

Forgiveness—for anytime we need help forgiving, with a look at The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant.

Here, in These Months that Seem Like Winter
Here, in Continued Months of Winter
—about how God's wonders on this earth inspire hope during fearful times.

How Simple is the Washing—a hymn for baptism.

Jesus, Feed Us
—about Jesus as the bread of life.

Jesus, Guest of Many People—Jesus meeting people in their homes. There are four studies:

Jesus among friends in the home of Mary and Martha
Jesus forgiving a woman in the home of Simon the Pharisee
Jesus on dangerous ground in the home of a Chief Pharisee
Jesus selects tax collector Zacchaeus

Let the Children Come to Me—about coming to Christ as children do.

Lord, Before that Quiet Meal—a remembrance of Christ and communion.

Lord God, in Charge of Time and Space—about caring for the Earth.

Lord God of All, Forgive Us—about welcome for migrants and refugees.

Love Can Be a Cup of Water
—about how God can use small acts of ours to increase His kingdom.

Lost Sheep—related to our Nativity story The Lamb's Tale. Both the song and the story relate to the theme of Christ as shepherd.

Morning Prayer
—about starting the day with God.

On the Way—a grieving reflection of Mary Magdalene on the way to Christ's tomb.

One Early Morning on a Shore
—a hymn, song, or anthem about the Risen Christ on the shore in John 21:1-19.

Out of the Box—a piece expressing amazement at Christ. For the study that goes with the original version, click here. For a study that goes better with the Epiphany A version, click here.

Salt!—based on Christ's teaching: "You are the salt of the earth."

Song of John—a song/testimony of John, especially concerning love, servanthood, and Christ's washing of the disciples' feet.

The Lamb's Tale—a Nativity story for most ages, relating to Christ as the Good Shepherd.

The Shepherds Recollect—a Nativity song from the shepherds' point
of view.

The Woman at the Well—a reenactment of the story in John 4, and what it can tell us about Jesus and evangelism.

The Younger Son—a dramatization of the Parable of the Lost Son (Prodigal Son).

We Call them "Goods." We Call them "Ours."—about wealth and generosity.

Worry Song—a look at worry, starting with Jesus' teaching about the lilies and the sparrows.

Presently, we have these studies:
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