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Songs Arranged for Church Use


Thank you for checking in again.

For this season of Epiphany, with its readings from Mark, we're offering a modified version of Out of the Box. It can be done as a solo with guitar, or by a small worship team.

We're also publishing two new hymns, both written in response to needs for an upcoming hymnbook. Each one, however, is especially timely.

Lord God, in Charge of Time and Space is about care of our earth. With Earth Day (April 22nd) being marked on a Sunday this year, such a hymn could be especially appropriate.

Lord God of All, Forgive Us is about immigration and refugees.

Both hymns are based in Scripture, with references provided, so you can use the songs right away for singing, reflection, or possible discussion. These are very much topics in the political news.

We pray that God guide our representatives as they shape national policy on these matters!

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