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Song Suggestions by Lectionary

Hello again!

We've had a few downright summery days, even here in Wisconsin. In my own congregation, as of Pentecost, the choir and bell choir have begun summer break. So, what you'll be seeing here, highlighted for the coming weeks, are especially pieces that can work as special music.

For Trinity Sunday, May 26th, we suggest two pieces which can be done with one singer:

Creation. Cana. Pentecost. can either be a solo with guitar or a congregational hymn set to a number of well-known tunes.

Morning Prayer is a solo with piano which has two settings for different ranges of a woman's voice.

For Sunday, June 2nd, we continue to suggest Morning Prayer, but we also mention two songs for communion, since many congregations serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. Either of these can be a solo or a group hymn.

One Early Morning on a Shore connects a beautiful story of the Risen Jesus (offering breakfast to his disciples) with our own communion meal. It is paired with the lovely tune O WALY WALY.

Lord, Before that Quiet Meal relates communion to other well-known stories about Jesus, including the recent teaching about the vine and the branches. It is arranged for either piano or guitar using different tunes.

It's been summery here, yes, but the nearby lake would be extremely brisk for swimming! Still, I am "treading water" here just a bit because we'll soon be posting a brand-new, multi-Sunday piece! We'll be showing two arrangements for it, one for "worship team" instrumentation, and a simpler version for a solo.

Check back in early June, and God bless your ministry!

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