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The leaves are falling, so your congregation's programming is probably in "fall"-swing. (Okay, that comment was "out on a limb." Yeah....)

This fall, we've been highlighting our Song/Studies, which give the Scriptural foundations for our songs and hymns, or might even be useful in discussion groups. A new addition is the study for our most recent hymn, "We Call them 'Goods.' We Call them 'Ours.'"

If you haven't yet seen the hymn, take a look. We Call them "Goods." We Call them "Ours." is about wealth and generosity. It relates to the readings for Thanksgiving this year, as well as to any fall stewardship campaigns.

(If you also do a "talent" campaign, consider our anthem Salt!. This can be done with a small group of speakers--adults or older youth.)

And, since potluck dinners sometimes go with stewardship campaigns or fall programs, we continue to suggest our Potluck Prayers. Consider these prayers for Thanksgiving celebrations, too.

Finally, looking ahead to Christmas, we offer a slightly revised The Shepherds Recollect. Written for 1 or 3 men and guitar (or synthesized guitar), it could suit Christmas pageants or Christmas Eve services. it dramatically recounts the story of the shepherds' visit to the Christ child.

God bless your ongoing ministries!

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