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Songs Arranged for Church Use

Hello, everyone~

We've been highlighting solos this summer, in case you need special music.
You can see the list of them here.

In terms of the lectionary, our communion song Lord, Before that Quiet Meal is appropriate--as a solo or a hymn--if you have communion in early August. The Feeding of the 5,000 was just heard as the gospel lesson for July 29th.

Gospel lessons throughout August focus on Jesus as the Bread of Life, so consider our solo Song of John for multiple Sundays. Its words were tweaked again (I'm sorry it wasn't sooner)--as we produced a new audio.

Beyond solos, we also continue to mention our hymn Lord God of All, Forgive Us, about immigration and refugees. It has a corresponding Bible study as well, for your personal reading or church study groups.

We hope summer is a blessing to you!



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