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Songs Arranged for Church Use

Welcome, and thanks for checking in~

Easter is approaching(!), so we'd like to mention a solo which can be used for services that start in darkness and move into light. On the Way is written from the perspective of Mary Magdalene as she walks to the tomb, then sees the stone rolled away....

If you used our worship team song Out of the Box with the Epiphany, Year B, words this year, you might want to bring it back during the Easter season,
using the first two verses from the Epiphany version and the third verse of the original version. Cymbal crashes seem to go with opened tombs.

For Sunday, April 22nd, we suggest two possibilities: First is our children's choir piece Lost Sheep, which ties to readings about Christ the Good Shepherd.
The second is our hymn about earth-care, Lord God, in Charge of Time and Space. April 22nd is Earth Day, and we invite you to use the hymn with your congregations that day for FREE.

For Sunday, April 29th, if you have communion, a fitting hymn or solo could be
Lord, Before that Quiet Meal. The Gospel lesson that day includes "I am the vine." (Or, if you offer communion the next week, it might work as well.)

Finally, we continue to mention our hymn Lord God of All, Forgive Us, which is about immigration and refugees. It now has a corresponding Bible study, which could be useful if your congregation is studying immigration issues.

Most of all, we wish you blessings on your Easter celebrations! Thanks be to God!


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