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Songs Arranged for Church Use

Hello, everyone!

It's the season of back-to-class and autumn flash. We'd like to highlight our most relevant songs and studies as you plan ahead.

In terms of the lectionary, we have three solos and studies that especially relate to upcoming themes of Scripture:

Let the Children Come to Me relates to the Gospel for October 7th, 2018.
Song of John relates to the Gospel for October 21st.
Our new solo about faith and science, Declaring, also relates to October 21st, if you use the Old Testament reading from Job. (I've recently posted my background thoughts for that song as well, but they might or might not suit your study groups.)

In terms of hymns, we'd like to mention We Call them "Goods." for fall stewardship campaigns. We also remind you of Potluck Prayers for possible fall dinners. Finally, we continue to mention our hymn about immigration, Lord God of All, Forgive Us.

Do check back in October, when we'll post updated recommendations. A new song about giving thanks will be available!

God bless your fall ministries!


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