An Advent Thought
(We See How Milkweed Pods....)



We see how milkweed pods split wide in autumn,
letting the wind pick up seed after seed.
Strawberry plants, in summer, send out runners,
and flow'rs' bright pollens travel forth on bees.

We know how monarch butterflies begin... long...
journeys that only offspring will conclude;
how many years cicadas pass while hidden;
how birds arrive in spring while it's still cold.
We might detect, among these risks and patterns,
a sense of "hope"—but God supplies us more:
Enduring Word, new Spirit interactions,
proclaim our living hope rests in the Lord.

This song is designed to go with themes of hope during Advent,
but it can be used anytime. (If you want to use it at times besides Advent,
try the alternate title, "We See How Milkweed Pods....")

The audio file here is quite basic. Most guitar players will add their own strum or finger-picking elaborations.

Computer audio
(clarinet for voice)

Sheet Music Audio File




for solo voice and guitar


Musical Details:

This song is for solo voice and guitar.

Since the text has many images, feel free to provide the words to your congregation.


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