Creation. Cana. Pentecost.
—a hymn/song for Trinity Sunday
Text ©2022

Creation. Cana. Pentecost.
From these, we gain three views
of your abundance, Holy God—
one telling sign of you.

The Red Sea split, five thousand fed,
or leaping tongues of fire....
Both fear and joy well up in us—
It's marvelous, your pow'r.

Through Eden's walks; your bread and wine;
in prayer, the Spirit's help...;
how is it, Most-Astounding God,
you'd call us to yourself.

An offered Son, that willing Son,
then Spirit, washing through....
Amazing love engages us,
from Trinity, from you.

This hymn text is especially for Trinity Sunday, the Sunday after Pentecost,
which celebrates the three "persons" of God.

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Text Sheet
 (revised 5/25/22)

Solo with Guitar


Musical Details

This text is Common Meter (8 6 8 6), so quite a few tunes will fit it.
Some very well-known tunes are shown in the audio files above. Depending on the tune, you might want to add a little motion in the accompaniment under the held note at the end of the second lines, as we did with ST. PETER in the clip above. (In DUNDEE, we used the version with fewer half notes.)

Some lesser-known tunes that work well are TWENTY FOURTH, LAND OF REST, and ST. FLAVIAN. If your congregation is familiar with any of these, see what you think.

Less conventionally, you might program the text as a special-music solo with plucked guitar chords and the delightful melody from TWENTY FOURTH, as shown here. Feel free to print the lyrics for your congregation, to help convey all the references contained.

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