A Springtime Thought

(God Must Delight As Trees Leaf Out)
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God must delight as trees leaf outó
It's easy for imagining:
Creation's Artist pleased about
Life's color-rich reburgeoning,
and how curled hands of baby leaves
roll out, grow, open to receive.

It shows how much those leaves want light
that plants devote some energy
toward angling leaves to tilts just right,
and filling space in canopies.
They'll start new stems where there were none
to catch each, ev'ry beam of sun.

God, you do nourish plants and buds.
We see them lean toward light you give.
Besides the light, though, there's for us
forgiveness, worth, relationship....
So like new leaves, we'd lean now, too,
drawn to catch even more of you.

(This version of words is for the tunes SUSSEX CAROL or ST. CATHERINE.
For the tunes RYBURN or THE SOLID ROCK, the last line should be "drawn forward to catch more of you.")

This song/hymn is about how God offers blessing, and wants people to accept it.

The text would be useful for spring worship occasions, and is fairly versatile, with with options for tunes and presentations.

Sheet Music Audio Samples

Possible SOLO Treatment w/ SUSSEX CAROL (guitar)

(This link may remind you of the tune. The full verse is not given because of copyright restrictions.)





Musical Details:

We are presenting this either as a special music solo or a congregational hymn.
Our favorite solo arrangement is for guitar, using the joyful SUSSEX CAROL.

For congregation, our favorite tunes are SUSSEX CAROL and RYBURN. RYBURN is a more sober-sounding alternative, which could suit themes of Lent. Check your hymnbooks.  There's a good chance you already have music for these tunes.

Other workable tunes, adaptable to either keyboard or guitar, include THE SOLID ROCK (need to repeat last line of text) and ST. CATHERINE.  Specific text sheets are provided.

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