Here, in These Months


Here, in these months that seem like winter,
it's hard to say what's death or rest.
Are upper branches bare or budded?
Do creatures, somewhere, sleep in depths?
Will plants whose dry stalks pierce the snow
burst out in green from life below?

Ground squirrels, in winter, cool past freezing,
but in the springtime, rouse and race.
Some fish, where waters leave by season,
wrapped within sun-parched marshbeds... wait.
And certain plants—detached, long-dry—
in water, and in hours, revive.

Creation, Lord, still shows us marvels.
Oh, what you make with merely dust!
So, even when we face a winter,
we look beyond. We've grown to trust
your care and power, joined, for life.
Creation. Summer. Jesus Christ.              (or: Creation. Springtime. Jesus Christ.)



Wonders of nature support our hope in God, either during earthly crises or for a better life to come. Do check out the Song/Study to fully understand the song.

(When it is actually winter, try our version with the alternate title and first line, "Here, in Continued Months of Winter.")

Song with clarinet for voice:

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that Seem Like Winter

Musical Details:

This is presently arranged as a solo with guitar. The melody for the solo is O DASS ICH TAUSEND ZUNGEN HÄTTE by K. H. Dretzel, from the 1700's. The guitar arrangement is ours.

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