He Arrives

This modern Christmas carol combines both the everydayness and the extraordinary circumstances of Jesus' birth. It comes from early chapters of Matthew and Luke.


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Song with clarinet for melody:

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He arrives as a baby, with a breath and cry.
Young mother, tired, tries her first lullaby,
and a carpenter father sees to a small bed...
while a new star's beginning to shine overhead.

He's arrived in a stable; nowhere else to stay.
Still, it's lent shelter enough and some hay.
Then the dad moves a manger; he fills it just so...
while in fields, skies of angels meet shepherds below.

They arrive—sev'ral shepherds, on a search, enthused.
Seeing the child, they spill out angel news
that the Christ, long-foretold, is this manger-held boy...
and the reason that Heaven itself bursts with joy!

Praising God that they've seen it, shepherds all depart.
Mary adds more to God's works in her heart.
Soon she's resting in trust near her child's manger frame,
sure that "Jesus"—"the Lord saves"—is his perfect name.


Musical Details:

This is mainly a solo for treble voice, although some extra voices could be added. The accompaniment is written for guitar and optional piano.


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