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Jesus, feed us.
You're the holy bread God has sent,
life-eternal's own nourishment.
Jesus, lead us
to the glist'ning waters of Heav'n—
quenching, flowing, so freely giv'n. 

Jesus, breathe into us
Spirit—lasting breath—to inspire,
uphold, invigorate, and empow'r....

Jesus, be for us
food, air, water—needful as those—
and, in God's great love, our way home.

This song is about the necessity of Christ for us. It references many statements of Jesus from the Gospel of John, especially Jesus' identifying himself as "bread" (John 6), his giving of living water (John 4,) the Spirit being received through his breathing on his disciples (John 20), and Jesus saying, in John 14, "I am the way...."

In the lectionary, the song suits several Sundays of August during Year B,
some Sundays after Easter, or more generally, any service with communion.
It can also be for personal use.

Computer audio with clarinet for voice:

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Musical Details:

Presently, this is written for voice and guitar. Other treatments may be offered later.

Feel free to print the lyrics in your bulletins, for people as they listen.

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