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Jesus, guest of many people—
friend or foe, important, not....
Trav’ling as a sandaled prophet,
you brought, all, the words of God.
Details of hosts’ meals or houses
written stories do not tell.
What’s remembered are your ways, Lord,
so we’re meeting you as well.

“He’s arriving! How’s the table?
Is the meal prepared to eat?
Where’s my sister? ‘Lord, please tell her
to stop list’ning at your feet!’
Then you say to me, so gently,
that she’s chosen what is best.
With your gift of kindly challenge,
come again to be our guest.”

“At my table! How’d it happen?
Wouldn’t God’s true prophet care
that a town’s prime sinner dried his
sobbed-on feet with her own hair?
He said, ‘Those who are forgiven
many sins might love the more.’
He forgave, declared her saved(!) and
raised up questions by the score.”

“It was set that, at our leader's,
we'd watch Jesus while we ate....
Yet as we sought seats of honor—
what?—he praised the humblest place!
And he said, ‘When holding banquets,
ask the poor, the blind, the lame.'
Though he shakes us with his teachings,
when he's gone, things stay the same.”

“Just to see him’s what I wanted,
so I climbed up in that tree—
where he saw me and pronounced how
he must stay, that day, with me!
Why did Jesus spend his time here
with an outcast, owned by greed?
Still, I know: through purseless riches,
I was ransomed, found and freed.”

Jesus, guest of many people—
friend or foe, important, not....
You accepted being guest, Lord,
often leaving food for thought.
You met hungers, powered changes,
strengthened faith with what you gave.
Now we open lives and houses
to keep hearing what you say.


This hymn is a collage of stories about Jesus as a guest in various homes—
with the stories all coming from the book of Luke. If you use the Revised Common Lectionary, it relates directly to several of the Gospel lessons in Year C. For 2025, the relevant dates would be:

Verse 2 (Martha)—July 20th, 2025
Verse 4 (a leading Pharisee)—August 31st, 2025
Verse 5 (Zacchaeus)—November 2nd, 2025 (if not marking All Saints)

We suggest using the first and last verses of the song, then selected middle verses as appropriate.


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Musical Details:

This text has a fairly common meter (8 7 8 7 D), so you can probably find a good tune which your congregation knows. However, we recommend tunes with less repetition and a sense of 15 15 15 15, such as JOYOUS LIGHT by Marty Haugen, PROMISE by Natalie Sleeth, RUSTINGTON or LUX EOI. Guitar versions can be found.

You could have different soloists interpret each verse/story.


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