Lord God, in Charge of

Time and Space
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Lord God, in charge of time and space,
you made this jewel, this blessed place.
We cherish light, use land and seas,
eat grains and fruit, construct with trees.
Our lives are helped by creatures, too—
each diff’rent, fitted, fed by you.
Lord, both in world and neighborhood,
help us to tend what you called, "Good."

You gave to us this earth so full,
and set for us your principles,
like: Land should rest each seventh year,
leave fruits for poor and creatures here,
-or- Do not keep (against a loan)
a person’s cloak or milling stone.
So you declared what you hold right:
to share and safeguard means of life.

Now it’s a truth—not great to tell—
that your beloved often dwell
where waters, lands, have been abused
or fouled by what they did not choose.
Yet, it’s still true: Creation sings,
inspires our thanks for all you bring.
Where beauty is, we sense you there,
and where injustice clings, you care.

This earth will sometime pass away,
but help us, as we live today
to love earth’s gifts and yet restrain
when taking causes others pain.
For to promote Creation’s health
is love for neighbor and ourself.
This blessed earth affirms your name.
May we, in use of it, do the same.

slightly revised 4/18/23



This hymn is about care for our planet. It could be sung for Sundays near to Earth Day (April 22nd) or for Sundays with lessons about Creation.

Here is a link to YE BANKS AND BRAES, the tune we suggest.
You can find music in some modern hymnbooks. For now,
this link will give you an idea of the tune.

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Musical Details:

This hymn uses the lyrical tune YE BANKS AND BRAES. You can find keyboard and guitar music for it in existing hymnbooks.

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