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“Lord, how long?” we sing with David,     
when it seems all light has gone__.   
Yet, we count your faithfulness--  
how you, before, have brought the dawn.

It was written by the prophets:  
one was coming, humble, strong__.
“God With Us,” he’d be from you.  
Through him, you’d work a lasting dawn.
Born on earth, he was so like us;    
he walked roads we walk upon__.       
Son of Heav’n, his Life Renewed
soothes us with first rose hints of dawn.  

Heirs we are of Jesus’ triumph!   
Gifted what to him belongs__,
we walk toward you in his wake,
raise up our eyes, perceive full dawn,  
praise--in the love, which still goes on.

This song was first written for a season of Easter with Covid fears,
but it can be used anytime circumstances are discouraging. As "Easter People," our hope always rests in the work of Jesus Christ!

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an Easter song for difficult times


Musical Details:

This is probably best sung by a soloist or church ensemble. The tune—

Our arrangement is for piano/keyboard plus hand drum(s), tambourine, and suspended cymbal.

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