One Early Morning on a Shore
©2016, 2022
Revised 4/2022


One early morning on a shore,
you called your friends to breakfast, Lord.
You brought the fire, the fish, the bread.
You stood on shore, back from the dead.

Your friends had caught no fish that night.
Unknown, you hailed, "Cast to the right!"
Fish then abounded; nets near tore—
Yet Peter dove, to greet you, Lord!

You brought to him forgiveness, love,
and fresh commission from above:
Three times you asked, "Do you love me?";
three times directed, "Feed my sheep."

With lasting grace, now as before,
you come to feed us, to restore....
And we keep, too, this vision, Lord,
of you in welcome on that shore.



Here, we recount the wonderful Gospel story from John 21:1-19, in which
the Risen Jesus supplies breakfast to his disciples on the Galilean shore.
The Revised Common Lectionary places this story on the Third Sunday of Easter, Year C, but the song could also be used for communion during the Easter season in general. The tune is the familiar O WALY WALY.

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