Potluck Prayers
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As you appeared upon that shore,
prepared a meal, to feed, restore...,
so, Risen Christ, bring here today
your love to nourish, give away.

Based on John 21:1-17
Suggested tune:
O WALY WALY (the version in 3/4 time)


We thank you, God, for artistry -or- We thank you, Lord, for artistry
for colors, tastes, Creation's spree;
for harvests now, and sharing friends,
and always for your love. Amen.

Suggested tunes:
PROSPECT—"The Lone, Wild Bird"
PUER NOBIS NASCITUR—"That Easter Day with Joy was Bright"
HER KOMMER DINE ARME SMAA—"Thy Little Ones, Dear Lord, are We"
WAREHAM (Knapp)—"The Church of Christ, in Every Age"
MORNING HYMN—"Awake my Soul, and with the Sun"
DET KIMER NU TIL JULEFEST (EMMANUEL)—"The Happy Christmas Comes Once More"


Creator-Lord, fresh praises rise
for colors, tastes, this meal supplies.
Your gifts delight as they sustain.
Let thankfulness be our refrain.

Suggested tune:
TALLIS' CANON—"All Praise to Thee, my God, this Night"
(Can be done as a round. Have three groups, each starting a measure later. End with everyone on "Amen" after the last group finishes.)

We praise you, Lord, for bounteous ways,
for colors, tastes, this meal displays.
Your gifts delight as they sustain.
Let thankfulness be our refrain.

Suggested tune:
OLD HUNDREDTH—"Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow"




I love potlucks! They make me feel that thanks must be given—it can't be held in!
This is not only for the variety of foods (how amazing is our God!) but for the sharing of the community around the table. And, while I like the traditional sung table prayers, it's sometimes good to revoice our thanks.

So, here are some new, sung prayers. There are well-known tunes suggested for each, but these texts are also—like a good potluck—slightly mix-and-match.


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Musical Details

These texts are all Long Meter (8 8 8 8), so check your hymnals for even more tune choices. You can find something your congregation knows well.


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