(Sometimes My Heart Feels Nearly Overflowing)
Thanks-giving Song
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Sometimes my heart feels nearly overflowing—
like glist'ning water, brimming, just contained.
It's like a seedpod, set to burst and scatter.
I'm like those stones that must cry out with praise.
Such filling joy! My arms extend, upturning.
So many thanks, it's more a song I pray.
All Heaven’s God, yet like a loving parent,
read from my heart, beyond what words can say.

More frequently, I sense a broad contentment.
It's like this park I used to hurry by.
But now I'm here, in breezes under shade trees,
while nearby waters trade colors with the sky.
A picnic meal is opened and delicious.
The hours stretch like flower beds and grass.
Then rise in mind, what blessings do surround me,
and, Lord, your mercies, present ones and past:

A favorite taste—
A shelt'ring place—
A dearest friend—
Wide skies at night—
One candle's light—
A time you saved—
That I am claimed—

Lord, for each of these, I first must give you credit,
then mark the scope of all your care for me.
To dwell within that trusting, staying thankful,
can help sustain, when good seems hard to see.
I hope in Heav'n to praise your long compassion,
the answered prayers, the unknown ways you've blessed.
But here or there, may thanks become more constant—
for constant is your love and faithfulness.




This solo is about overflowing with thanks toward God, and the urge to express it more often. It can be used as a general solo, for Thanksgiving services, or with the Gospel lesson of The Ten Lepers, which comes up in October of Year C in the Revised Common Lectionary.

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Song with clarinet on melody:

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Musical Details:

This is a solo for mezzo-soprano or alto voice and piano, with our own tune.
The melody range is from Bb to D.

However, you can also pair a related version of these words (click here) to the tune Londonderry Air/"Danny Boy"—which is easier to remember, just harder to sing! You can find existing music, even guitar chords, for Londonderry Air/"Danny Boy" in hymnals or online. With this alternative, other voices could sing the song.

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