We Call them "Goods"

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We call them "goods." We call them "ours."
Goods fill our needs, it's true.
But, Lord, Creator of the World,
what's not first giv'n by you?
Our body strength, our days or years,
unique ways we excel,
ideas, guidance, gentle care...,
from you are giv'n as well.

This planet's wealth, like water, flows.
As rain, it first falls down.
Through pond or creek or river,
it moves onward, ocean-bound.
And wealth, like water, can collect.
A pond or stream seems mine.
But it is merely mine to choose
its purpose next in line.

Don't let us place our highest faith
in earthly things we'd store,
or build new barns for wealth on wealth,
ignoring plans of yours.
The manna you fed Israel
came daily, not for keeps.
"Give us today our daily bread,"
and let our trust increase.

Lord Christ, you said the Kingdom's like
one pearl so fabulous,
a merchant traded all he had.
Your life bought this--for us!
To you, we bring our hands and hearts.
In each, you put so much.
Receiving, giving..., keep us always
open, generous.


This is a hymn for congregation about wealth and generosity.
It could be used during stewardship campaigns. In the Revised Common Lectionary, it also relates to the readings for Thanksgiving of Year A (although you might not want to use all four verses), and for early August or late September of Year C.

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Musical Details:

For this new hymn text, we suggest two possible, well-known tunes--ELLACOMBE and ALL SAINTS NEW. You are likely to have keyboard resources for them.
Guitar versions can be found as well.

In the case of ELLACOMBE, one can find versions in the keys of A and Bb, so you might even add a raise of key.

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