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Woman at the Well

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She'd come to draw water about high noon,
in hopes the well was deserted perhaps.
A man—it was Jesus—bucketless, thirsty,
asked her for water, just like that.
She, a Samaritan; he, a Jew.
How was it that he would even ask?
And then, he spoke, too, of a living water,
a water for which she should ask him back.

"It lasts, and springs up for eternal life."
Less work! She wanted what he described!
"Come back to the well with your husband," he said.
She balked—but he knew about her husbands, five! (How did he know it?)

"Sir, you are a prophet! Messiah, too?"
He answered, "I, speaking with you, am he."
Her water jar left, she told all in the town,
"He knows everything in my history!"

Back to the well she went, now with more speed.
Townspeople followed. They begged Jesus, please
stay with them there—and it filled him to see
God's own living water, into many, received.


This song retells the classic story of Jesus and "the woman at the well."
In the Revised Common Lectionary, the story is the Gospel lesson for the third Sunday in Lent, Year A. For 2023, this would be March 12th.

The male and female singers in the song show the conversation between Jesus and the woman. The male voices are shown in italics in the lyric below.

Computer audio
(clarinet for women, trombone for men)

Accompaniment only

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A two-part retelling of John 4:4-42


Musical Details:

This song is for either a male-female duet, or a small male-female ensemble. There are two tunes: an original one for verses 1,2, and 4, plus an adapted version of the wonderful SLANE for verses 3 and 5. The accompaniment is piano.

Since the text has much content, feel free to provide the words to your congregation.


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