Forgiveness (Mercy's Dance)
©2011, 2014


Your words were sharp, hard to forget.
My words were short—short on regret.
Doors slammed between us. Fine, except
the road I'd claimed is Christian.
I've wondered, "Could I go around,
not let this block the path I've found?"
Yet I still sit here, counting
all your sins, and I don't skip one.

I... know...,
Christian's call is Mercy's dance,
but, mired down in anger, where's the chance
of moving forward to forgive,
...and to live?

Forgiveness. Christ has set the task.
But what if neither of us asks?
And time's not healing very fast
these wounds I've let mud get in.
But I'll move lips, unclench my teeth,
to pray for you, as Jesus preached—
though full forgiving seems a reach,
with arms protective, tucked in.

Still, Christian's call is Mercy's dance,
and Jesus, ahead of me, makes the chance
for rising, moving on to live—
all because of what He gives!

Forgiveness is a springtime thawing,
a mountain stream, a bit more strong....
With Christ, then, running Easter's bright rapids,
who can clasp a grain of wrong?
Your wrongs and mine, washed out and gone!

Praise God, extending Mercy's chance!
Brought to our feet, we rejoin the dance—
bending, moving on to live
Christ-forgiven, to forgive.


"Forgiveness" is a reflective song on how hard it can be, even for a Christian,
to forgive a wrong. It can be used as a personal song or with the Parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew 18:21-35.

On listening, you may notice that the chorus borrows the tune WORDWORTH
by William B Bradbury (1816-1868). You may know this as the hymn "Just As I Am, Without One Plea." Since that hymn refers to God's grace, we feel the pairing is appropriate.

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Musical Details:

This song is arranged for solo voice and guitar. The voice range goes from B to C (just over an octave), so it can suit a variety of singers. Adding a capo to the guitar can raise the pitches if needed.

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