How Simple is the Washing


How simple is the washing you call us, Lord, to do.
How simple is the trusting as children come to you.
You offer us this washing to free from death and sin.
You offer Living Water, that we won't thirst again.

You give the Living Water for growing in our faith.
This Spirit brings connection to fresh and flowing grace.
So, even during dry spells, when roots won't seem to reach,
there's sustenance upwelling, from reservoirs beneath.

Lord, thank you for these waters, which cleanse and bring us Life,
so we can meet the Father in wedding robes washed bright!
We came in from the street, but you, Bridegroom, made us friends.
Then Spirit names us fam'ly, for the Banquet without end.



This hymn for baptism is set to the beautiful and familiar tune AURELIA
("The Church's One Foundation").

Note: I think we all come to the Lord as trustingly as "children," but the lyric can be changed for adult baptism if you wish. For line 2, you can use: How simple is the trusting as we are drawn to you.


Piano version

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Musical Details:

To use this with your congregation, you may freely download our piano music file for an accompaniment. (Our arrangement is more fluid than the accompaniments commonly used with "The Church's One Foundation.") Or, you may adapt other suitable resources for AURELIA.

To provide words for your congregation, download our "Texts" files.

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