Morning Prayer
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This morning, Lord, is yours.
Sweet, new-made sunlight pours
upon us as your mercies do.
They have their source in you.

Within this quiet time,
your leadings come to mind
and we lift to you day's events
like children, to be blessed.

For you have known through Christ
our lives of depths and heights.
In any places, on all roads,
your Love precedes, unfolds.

With Christ and Spirit, you
see sparrow moments through
beyond the cycles of this sunó
My God! Sustaining. One.


This is a general song about starting the day with God. The song, with small changes, can be used for individual devotions or summer Sunday mornings. It especially suits Trinity Sunday, the week after Pentecost.

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(Lower Setting)
Song with English horn on melody:

Accompaniment only:






Lower Setting
(melody from G to B)

Higher Setting
(melody from Bb to D)

(both slightly revised 5/19/24)


Musical Details:

This song is presently arranged for female voice and piano, with a choice of vocal ranges.

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