On the Way
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Passover moon, please stay.
Your light's enough; I know the way.
Your single lamp, let quiet light come in
for our last care, and time with Him.

Passover moon, burn high.
Remind again of death-passed-by.
This one who cast out spirits, raised, in place, my own.
Why lies he now behind that stone!

Lord!, why are you locked behind that stone!

Why did you willingly take it?
We shook as the stone found its place.
How falls such judgment, Lord! How falls my anger
on your compassionate face?

Your face in love toward Mary..., John...
gave them each other so they could go on.
But all of us, together, feel alone.
And who will lift away that stone?

And who will lift. . . .



Whatever the details of Mary Magdalene's life, she cared for Jesus.
This song is a reasoned reflection of her grief and love as she speaks
to the waning moon during her predawn walk to His tomb.

The song can end in two ways—with her trodding onward, or
with a hint of surprise. The version in our audio files is
Ending Choice Two, just as Mary discovers something unusual.


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Song with Ending Choice Two
(Thank you, Kristin Gehrke!)

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This song is presently arranged for female voice and piano, with a choice of vocal ranges.

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