Christ called us "salt" in Matthew 5.
"Salt of the earth," Christ's salt, alive!
Where you put a little salt—zing!—it spreads clean through.
If salt is what we are, then salting's what we do.

In Jesus' time—that's prerefrigeration—
salt was pow'r for food preservation. (So?)
Salt's still the stuff without an expiration,
keeping fresh in minds, salvation!

The speaking that we offer—Colossians says—
should be gracious, seasoned with salt.
(God's recipe needs salt like me?)
To bring God's flavors out!
Salt makes the taster of the food say "ah,"
but talk, talk, talk with no salt is just blah.
Unsalted pasta.

And salt that stays in shakers
's like a battery, going dead in a drawer.
No more!
The Spirit sends us salting.
That's what salt (salt salt salt's) for!

Salt—dearly bought; in grace, kept true.
When salt is what we are, then salting's what we do.
Salt is what we are, so salting, salting, salting, salting,
salting, salting, salting, salting,
salting, salting, salting's what we do!


"You are the salt of the earth," Christ said. We are also lights to the world, and are expected to influence what's around us.

This lively anthem, written for speaking voices and shaker accompaniment, is useful for stewardship or outreach emphases, or for the lectionary's Gospel reading of year A, the Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany. In 2023, this would be February 5th.


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Shaker with voices:

Accompaniment only:






Musical Details:

This piece is can be used by a various ensembles, ranging from a trio,
to a worship team, to a choir of youth or adults.

The shaker provides a unique accompaniment. This page has files of both the
full piece and the shaker part alone to help speakers learn the rhythms by ear.


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