Song of John
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It starts with Jesus, sent from God.
You've heard the story, how he called
two thund'rous brothers who fished Galilee.
"Catch men," he said, "not fish. Come, follow me."
The brothers left their nets beside the sea.

His miracles attracted throngs.
Picture a crowd, five thousand strong.
He fed them all with five small loaves and fish!
The crowd would raise him king, right then, for this—
but, by himself, away he slipped.

They sought him later for more bread.
"Strive for the lasting food," he said.
"Seek out the bread of Heaven that I am."
Some left him when his words got tough to stand—
while those thund'rous ones sought thrones at his right hand!

Till on the night he was betrayed,
he took a basin, not afraid
to step down as the master, kneel to each,
and with the tow'l around him, wash our feet—
Oh, what it took to make his message reach!

Dear children, it begins with Christ.
Seek Him as bread; be fed for life.
The love he gave, so give to others, too.
A thund'rous one he loved proclaims to you,
that it still starts with Jesus, Son of God.




How is it that one "thund'rous" son of Zebedee—who had wanted a prime throne in Heaven—becomes instead "the disciple whom Jesus loved" and the caring man whom Jesus asks to look after his mother? Using some details only reported in the book of John, especially Jesus' washing of the disciples' feet, we try to follow the transformation.

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Arranged for solo baritone voice and guitar. The voice range is G2 to C4. (Use a capo on the guitar for a slightly higher range.)

Many thanks to Gary Stelmaszewski for his guitar work!


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