(or, Dear Lord, See to My Heart)

Dear Lord, see to my heart;
it's more like stone of late.
I've felt it tighten as a fist
toward those I would not hate.
Help me resist the impulse
to name an "us" and "them,"
then help me offer up my needs
and fears to you again.

Dear Lord, I Come Confessing
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Dear Lord, I come confessing
a hard'ning heart of late.
The grip of black-hole forces
pulls toward a mouth of hate.
Help me resist the impulse
to name an "us" and "them,"
and let me name instead my fears,
to bring to you again.

You taught us, Lord, some tough things:
Do good to those who hate;
that anger counts with murder,
and carries judgment's weight;
that forgiveness and forgiving
have meas'ring cups the same....
Would I then share no mercy with
a soul for whom you came?

You came, Lord, in compassion,
to cold, dark Bethlehem.
And, on the way to meet your death,
you mourned Jerusalem!
You freely met with sinners;
you did not count the cost;
you told how Heaven rejoices when
one is found who had been lost.

Your "No" to earthly power
refused the Tempter plain.
You gave, instead, your life poured out,
and Spirit to remain.
So let us, in your steps, Lord,
spread blessing side-to-side.
To act in love, we can, because
of peace that you provide.



This hymn generally addresses times when hatred becomes too beguiling—or,
in the Revised Common Lectionary, for the Sixth Sunday after the Epiphany, Year A.

It can be used as a solo or hymn. With the references in its Bible study, it can
also be material for a discussion group. There is a choice of versions for Verse 1.

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