"The Heav'ns declare God's glory,"
wrote David under shepherds' skies.
Now lights of ours may dim some stars,
but God, your glory still abides!
For you, I think, may hold alike
a swirl of birds or galaxies,
and maybe the Big Bang, for you,
is seen as more of a planted seed.

"Wonderf'ly made," sang David.
Your skillfulness our bodies tell
as proteins, DNA, convey
how we are knitted fine and well!
We know it's vocal cords that sing,
but how could we ignore the art?
We've thanks for cells that spark with thought
and awe to pocket in the heart.

We work to study, name, invent—
We honor you to stand amazed....
Lord, all of our accomplishments
still merely harvest what you made!

Lord God, it's overwhelming,
this whole wide world's biology,
math's elegance, the planets' dance,
the table of all chemistry!
Discov'ries keep providing reasons
for fresh wonder even now.
We sing your praise for sunsets, and,
along with science, saying, "Wow!"


This solo expresses how modern discoveries of science—both cosmic and microscopic—still amaze us, and still declare the glory of God.

The psalm references are from Psalm 19:1 and Psalm 139:13.

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Song with flute for voice:





Musical Details:

This is a solo for voice and guitar, with some guitar taps for rhythm.


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