Lord, Before that Quiet Meal
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Lord, before that quiet meal,
the table, and the bread...,
a hillside thronged with hungry souls.
You raised to God two fish, five loaves,
which at your breaking, spread.
The thousands, all, were fed.

And, before that quiet meal,
you'd been a wedding guest.
Your low-key turning water... wine
brought celebration and a sign
of God's own future fest,
abundantly expressed!

Much rests in that quiet meal
and what you said to friends.
Because your living ways they knew,
your words "I am the vine" rang true.
And still, for us as them,
the vine supplies the stems.

Now, you meet us for that meal.
You've bought the bread and wine.
We take these gifts, trust what you say__,
fed by you until the day
of Bridegroom and of Bride
and Feast that's Heaven-wide.





The stories and images of Christ in this communion hymn help us remember Jesus here on earth, as well as what he taught.

Our tune (congregational version)

REPTON sample with guitar (and flute for melody)

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Musical Details:

We are offering two tunes for this text.

The one on the left is our own. We have keyboard versions for both congregation and solo voice.

The other tune is a slightly changed REPTON. (We have omitted the
pickup note on each verse.) The guitar chords we offer would suit a solo or small group. Or, you may already have resources for REPTON which could be adapted.


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