Love Can Be a Cup of Water


Love can be a cup of water,
meal that's brought, or whispered prayer.
Love can be a given hour,
or a single blessing, shared.
Christ will help us start—He tells how
faith as small as mustard seeds,
in the strength of God, achieves!
So we're seeing love that springs
from kitchens, porches, cyberspace....
Jesus worked in any place!

Love can be a note, donation,
quiet list'ning, life consoled.
We respond to Christ's compassion,
and his caring, outward, flows.
So we all—as Church together—
lifted by what Jesus brings,
spread that God-sent leavening….
From the Son of God as center,
yet expanding, near to far,
Love From God, be where we are.


This hymn came out of the COVID pandemic, when very visible church ministries often had to be scaled back.  The text has had several versions, but remains relevant as God's people continue to spread Christ's love through "little" things they do.

Full Song for Piano

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Musical Details:

The melody for this is LASSET UNS MIT JESU ZIEHEN, by Georg G. Boltze, 1788. (It is commonly sung with the text "Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus.") You may have some resources for this tune, but we are including a new piano arrangement.

It could be a solo or hymn.  Even if done as a solo, you are welcome to print the text in your bulletins or on screens.


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