Lost Sheep
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A hundred sheep. A hillside.
A hundred sheep. Who'd see—
if one small sheep went waaaandering
where sweeter grass may be,
if one small sheep went waaaandering
where sweeter grass may be.

A hundred sheep now moving on.
A hundred sheep. Who'd know—
if one stayed to munch the grassy lunch
a thorn bush has below,
if one scrunched to munch some untouched lunch
a thorn bush has below.

But as the ninety-nine drift off,
I'm wondering who'll miss
one halfway-hidden, little sheep
who's lagged as far as this,
a scratched and wigglin' little sheep
who's snaaaaaged!

In growing shadows of this thorn,
one laaaamb is still behind!
Who'd count, or care to come for one
while leaving ninety-nine? (howl)

Who'd dare the wolves? Who'd take on thorns
for one so far off track?
But here's my shepherd, in my thorns,
and kneeling by my trap!
My seeking shepherd, that is who,
with singing, brings me baaaack!

In Christ's Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15:1-7), he proclaims
God's care for each of us—no matter how small or how lost.

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