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(A shepherd voice: "Tell the story!")

A night like this, near Bethlehem,
with hills and stars and sheep—and then
an angel's speaking and angels sing,
and we are left in wonder, wondering.

Messiah born? We fast agreed—
What angels said, (yes) we had to see!
Like a gift, held out to us, was their sign:
A child within a manger, we ran to find!

"A stable! There!" one shepherd cried.
We reached its door. We peered inside
at a manger, then the infant, too!
We knelt in front of Heaven's words come true!

Well, to her, at rest by his manger bed,
we told, told, told what the angels said.
She smiled, said softly, our news she'd keep—
while we went praising God, speaking joy,
to men, women, children, and sheep.

And now, on hillsides, till God's full dawn,
we sing to share in the angels' song—
for that child and manger still convey
how God is bringing here... His saving way!


This song, from the shepherds' point of view, dramatically recounts part of the Christmas story in Luke 2—how the shepherds received angelic news of Christ's arrival, and what happened when they rushed to see.

The piece could be part of Christmas services, or a Christmas pageant. If using for a children's pageant, though, adults should sing the song, as young people act out the story. Also, for children's pageants, we suggest an alternate last verse.


(with thanks to Peter Leschke
for main vocals and to COVEdigital
for the best parts of production)

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Musical Details:

Our current arrangement is for 1 or 3 male singers.
The accompaniment is for guitar, or a keyboard allowing a guitar sound.
The keyboard part approximates a classical guitar, but a real guitar player could use textural variations in lieu of reading notes.


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