Worry Song
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Savior, I need reminding not to worry.
Quiet my thoughts, and help my spirit see
sparrows so fed, wild lilies clothed in splendor—
Then you assure there's more of God's mercy for me.

When worldly cares, like weeds, keep reappearing,
are they regrown from roots I clasp in place?
Tough soil I've been—so slow to let your gardening in,
till I remember the way of your grace.

For gentleness wrapped your words, as guest of Martha.
She'd prepared much, and she'd even more to bring....
"Lord," she cried, "please. My sister sits, just list'ning!"
But you said, "Martha, that is the one needed thing."

Healer of cares, you tell me seek your kingdom.
As I draw close, compassion fills my view.
Worries wash free, their shadows disappearing,
in the bathing light, the sight, and the music of you!




Written by a fellow worrier, this prayerful piece incorporates several teachings on worry, beginning with the lectionary lesson of the lilies and sparrows from Christ's Sermon on the Mount. It also includes aspects of the Parable of the Sower and the story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10.


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(Savior, I Need Reminding Not to Worry)

Musical Details:

Arranged for general voice and piano, this piece can be used at home or in church.

For our version especially designed for congregation, set to FINLANDIA, click here.


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