Worry Song (for Congregation)
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Savior, I need reminding not to worry.
Quiet my thoughts, and help my spirit see
sparrows so fed, wild lilies clothed in splendor—
They do not earn what God gives gen'rously.
And when I've seen those sparrows, shining lilies,
you say, much more, God's mercy's meant for me.

When worldly cares, like weeds, keep reappearing,
are they regrown from roots I clasp in place?
Recurring weeds, where you instead would nurture
God's seedlings stretching green in opened space.
Tough soil I've been—so slow to let you garden,
till I remember, Lord, your way of grace.

For I have heard your gentle tones to Martha.
You were her guest. She had so much to get!
Her sister, simply, at your feet, kept list'ning...
till Martha spoke, "Tell her to help," she said.
But you said, "Martha..., only one thing's needed."
The choice to listen you're commending yet.

Healer of cares, you tell me seek your kingdom.
As I draw close, compassion fills my view.
Like music, words of yours fill space around me,
with measured cadence—rich, compelling, true.
Worries wash free, their shadows disappearing,
in bathing light, the sight, the sound of you!


This hymn incorporates several teachings on worry, beginning with the lectionary lesson of the lilies and sparrows from Christ's Sermon on the Mount. It also includes aspects of the Parable of the Sower and the story of Martha and Mary from Luke 10.

The Gospel lesson of the lilies and sparrows comes up in either very late Epiphany or in late May of Year A (depending on when Easter falls), as well as on Thanksgiving in Year B. To use this hymn for Thanksgiving of Year B, you could include only verses 1 and 4. You might even add 4-part choir harmony for verse 4!


Here is a link to the tune FINLANDIA by Jean Sibelius (1865-1957). Since the tune seems to be under copyright in some parts of the world, we are not providing sheet music. You may already have music for it, however, because the tune is used in other hymns. The link can remind you of its melody.

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(Savior, I Need Reminding Not to Worry)

Musical Details:

This version, set to the tune FINLANDIA, is designed for congregations to sing.

(For our original solo version, click here.)

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