Connected by Spirit


Connected by Spirit, the people of Christ
are parts of one body—one Body, alive.
Now some parts seem evident, like hands and feet,
but so many others help make it complete.

Some parts bring in nourishment; some build it strong.
Some add to perception; some move it along.
Our gifts are each different, but may we find
well-being and beauty as gifts are combined.

Oh, when the Body dances!
Oh, when a baby crawls!
Oh, when five loaves, two fishes—
raised to God—feed all!

Christ's body, this Body, it still acts today.
In tune with the Father, as Christ was—it prays.
As Christ did, it travels to heal and to teach,
and welcome those people who've felt beyond reach.

Oh, then the Body dances!
Oh, then the baby crawls!
Oh, then five loaves, two fishes—
raised to God—feed all!





This hymn is about the Body of Christ, a wonderful image of the Church expressed in 1 Corinthians 12:4-31 and Romans 12:4-8.

The readings come up in the lectionary, but the song might also be useful for stewardship campaigns or celebrations of the congregation, like church anniversaries or the receiving of new members.



Keyboard Version in G

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Musical Details:

In this song, the verses are set to the well-known tune ST. DENIO ("Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise"), but are joined by a short, original, bridge part. You could have worship leaders help with the bridges until the congregation is comfortable.

We're offering a worship team lead sheet as well as two purely keyboard versions. (Generally, the tune is done in G, but the F version can accomodate lower voices.)

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