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Songs Arranged for Church Use

Presently on the site we have these songs for solos:

Our newest solo is Declaring, about faith, science, and God as Creator. It is for voice and guitar.


For communion, we present our somewhat different song
Lord, Before that Quiet Meal. It has a choice of tunes and can be accompanied with guitar or piano. (Doing it as a solo first could be a way of introducing the version for congregation.)


Dear Lord, I Come Confessing addresses the urges to hate that have been fueled recently by terrorism or political division. It uses the tune KINGSFOLD, and can be accompanied by keyboards or guitar.


One Early Morning on a Shore is a sweet hymn or solo about the risen Christ feeding His disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. It is for the Easter Season of Year C, or possibly together with communion.


Forgiveness (Mercy's Dance) is appropriate for personal use, or as a discussion-starter about forgiveness. It is set for voice and guitar.


Morning Prayer is appropriate for personal prayer time, for summer services, or especially for Trinity Sunday (the Sunday after Pentecost). It is set for voice(s) with piano.


For anytime, we have our praise-oriented song Out of the Box.
It considers several amazing things about Christ. The song can be done as a solo with guitar, or with a small group.


For Christmas, we offer The Shepherds Recollect, a recounting of the shepherds' visit to the newborn Jesus. It is for male voice(s) and guitar (or synthesized "guitar").


Let the Children Come to Me relates to several Bible passages about childlikeness and faith, and includes the story of the woman who just touched Jesus' cloak to be healed. This is for mezzo-soprano and piano.


Song of John
is a solo from the point of view of John the disciple.
It especially relates to Jesus' washing of the disciples' feet, but also to themes of loving, servanthood, and Jesus as the Bread of Life. It is set for baritone voice and guitar.


For Easter Vigil or Sunrise services, we offer On the Way,
a lament in Mary Magdalene's voice as she goes to the tomb.
Two endings are provided to the song--with her trodding onward, or with a hint of surprise. Our posted version is for mezzo-soprano voice and piano.


Finally, for personal use when worries are bothersome--or
for the Matthew teachings on worry--we present Worry Song.
It is set for voice and piano.

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